Green Post Wrap

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Green PostTMwraps offer a unique, non-toxic, revolutionary concept for protecting in-ground wood from the harmful effects of ground contact decay.

Green Post Wrap DetailsGreen Post'sTM advanced technology is laboratory proven, termite tested, and is building code compliant.

The Green Post wraps are not sold separately, but are applied to wood using a specialized production machine. The material you purchase arrives pre-applied to posts and poles - ready for easy installation.

Here's how Green PostTM products work: The vulnerable area of a post is shrink-wrapped with a heavy-duty UV stabilized polyethylene wrap that has been pre-coated on the inside with bitumen (similar to asphalt). The application process melts the sticky bitumen under-layer and drives it into the wood while a tough polyethylene outer-layer shrinks tightly to encase the melted bitumen underlayer. See the Green PostTM wrap being applied.

Green Post'sTM boots and sleeves are very durable and designed to withstand post-driven applications in most soil substrates.

Green PostTM and Pressure-Treated Posts

Green PostTM complements pressure-treated posts by providing an environmentally-friendly barrier around the treated wood. The preservatives stay available to protect the critical ground line area where decay usually occurs. Green PostTM retains all the benefits of the pressure-treating process and provides additional protection.

Environmentally Friendly Green Post