Utility Pole Decay

Sleeve QuoteWhy Do Wooden Utility Poles Decay?

Ground-Line decay accounts for over 95% of wooden utility pole failures. Learn more about why it happens below
Rotten wooden utility pole.

1) Preservatives Loose Effectiveness

Traditional wood preservative tends to lose effectiveness over time at the critical ground-line section of the pole.

2) Repeated Wetting & Drying Cycles

This loss of effectiveness is due to oxidation and loss of chemical preservative as a result of repeated wetting and drying cycles.

3) Conditions for Decay Are Ideal

Conditions are ideal for decay at the ground-line where there is a plentiful supply of oxygen, moisture, warmth and wood-decaying organisms. These factors are not present deeper in the ground.

4) All The Required Factors

This plentiful supply creates the perfect conditions for wood decay and pole failure to occur at the mechanically critical ground line section of the pole.