Polesaver Sleeves

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Preventing utility Pole decay

Apply Polesaver Sleeves

Quickly and easily apply Polesaver Sleeves to exclude all the causes of ground-line decay

Create A Total Barrier

Polesaver Sleeves make conventional ground-line decay impossible, thus ensuring pole strength is maintained over the life of the pole

Reduce Your Costs

Polesaver sleeves significantly reduce inspection, repair and replacement costs, giving you the lowest cost pole option and an expected pole life of 50+ years

What are Polesaver Sleeves?

  • Polesaver SleevePolesaver sleeves are non-toxic, composite barrier sleeves, they feature a dual-layer construction with an outer thermoplastic sleeve and an inner, meltable bituminous liner.
  • Upon heating, the liner melts, and the outer sleeve shrinks down tightly onto the pole to create a tough, air and watertight seal to the pole surface.
  • This seal permanently excludes all the factors necessary for wood decay to occur, making conventional ground line decay impossible.

Advanced Post Solutions is a North American Distributor of POLESAVERTM Sleeves.
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