Post-Frame Structure Posts (Green Post)

Sleeve QuoteWhy should pole barn plans start with Green Post?

The Green PostTM is the ideal value added post for Pole Building suppliers and building contractors; as well as the property owner building a post-frame structure. Why not make the investment on the front end to save on costly repairs down the road.

Green PostTM Provides a wrap (a barrier around treated and untreated wood posts protecting the critical line area where decay occurs) and uplift restraint notches (a technique when used with concrete provides maximum anchorage characteristics to resist post withdrawal generated by wind load).

Build post-frame structures to last with a one-piece continuous wooden Green PostTM, you can be rest-assured of a structurally sound pole barn for many years to come. Without Green PostTM, pole building posts will decay at ground level and require replacement which can be labor intensive and expensive to repair.

  • Significantly increases the service life of pole barn posts.
  • Pole barn plans that start with Green PostTM provide superior resistance to wind uplift.
  • Better structural performance because the posts remain dry (dry use conditions may apply).
  • Pole barn plans with one piece/continuous wood posts offer superior strength characteristics as compared to connection required alternatives.
  • Available with naturally durable posts, untreated posts (for interior applications) or preservative treated posts.
  • Available with all sizes of Glulams, NailLams and solid sawn posts for post frame construction applications.
  • Lighter and easier to install (no special anchors required).
  • Provides superior protection from the harmful effects of:

    • Concrete     • Termites/Soil Organisms
    • Rot and Decay     • Corrosive Soils Agents
    • Soil Nutrients     • Moisture/Oxygen 

Pole barn plans are many, but the choice for protecting wood pole barn posts are few when considering the ease of use and effectiveness of Green PostTM.       

Submit a quote request today to protect against decaying posts and the integrity of critical and foundational pole building posts.

Prevent Pole Barn Post Decay
Prevent Pole Barn Post Rot
Pole Barn Post Decay