Green Post Machine (Start Your Application Facility)

This 5 - Cell automated application work center can be used by two (2) warehouse employees and can work on 5 posts at a time.

5 - Step Automated Application Process

  • Step 1 - Notching; Applies Uplift Restraint System
  • Step 2 - 1st Layer, Bitumenous Application; The heat-curing process liquefies the bitumen and drives it into the wood
  • Step 3 - 2nd Layer, Polyethylene Wrap; Provides a secondary tough physical barrier that is moisture-resistant
  • Step 4 - Oven Curing of Barrier; Factory heat seal of both layers to the post for a resilient barrier
  • Step 5 - Automated Press; Assures a clean finished seal to the post

Watch video of entire process

Greenpost Production Machine

This machine can yield applications to columns as large as 7-ply 2" X 10" X 36' or solid sawn 8" X 8" X 36' (up to a quantity of 45 posts per hour).