Prevent Deck Post Decay (Green Post)

Sleeve QuoteDecks are a home investment and also increase home enjoyment, so why not give yourself the peace-of-mind that its integrity is protected with the Green PostTM. The in-ground posts are foundational for deck longevity.

Whether you're selling posts or a homeowner installing a deck yourself, the Green PostTM is a value-added selling feature toward protecting the integrity of the deck for years to come. What owner buying a property with a deck or having one installed would not welcome the assurance their deck is protected from rot and decay for years to come.

Submit a quote request today to protect against decaying posts and the integrity of deck posts.

The Green PostTM is also a viable option for shorter post applications like deck posts. The Green PostTM is wrapped on both ends; it can then be sawed in half by the end-user to create two protected deck posts. This approach eliminates post waste and spending valuable dollars on post length you end up throwing away.

Prevent Deck Post Decay