Deck Posts Quote (Postsaver Sleeve)

Deck Posts

Request a Sleeve quote for (Deck Post) applications for (round),(square) and (rectangular) posts.

Prevent decayed posts. Request a quote for deck post sleeves. Submit your quote request today for deck post sleeves to protect the integrity of decks against decayed posts.

Calculating 'post length' and 'wrap length' of a Postsaver® Sleeve: If posts are set in concrete without any ground backfill surrounding post above concrete pour, (2" of wrap is required above the finished concrete line). If ground backfill surrounds post above concrete pour (2” of wrap is required above the finished ground level). Following this criteria will insure you have correct coverage above and below the decay zone to insure the ultimate protection from decay.


The Green PostTM wrapped on both ends can also be a cost-effective consideration for deck posts. The option 'Wrapped Both Ends' is a cost-effective solution for shorter post applications like deck posts. You get two posts from one supplied post by sawing it in half.


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