About APS and Preventing Post Decay

Preventing Post RotPreventing Post Decay

Advanced Post Solutions, LLC evolved from a Pennsylvania based provider of wood industry products for contractors and retail consumers. With a focus on bringing innovative value-added products like the All-in-One Green PostTMto the marketplace, Advanced Post Solutions, LLC emerged as a supplier of the Green PostTM. Green PostTM is a product uniquely designed with uplift restraint notches and a polyethylene boot to protect all types of post-frame construction posts from uplift and rot/decay. Green PostTM is a patented invention proven by scientific testing to eliminate ground contact decay and significantly increase the service life of in-ground posts. 

The Green PostTM is the ideal value-added complement for products provided by commercial contractors and the pole-building industry.

Here's how Green PostTM works. The product is composed of two layers - an inner layer of melted bitumen which adheres to the wood posts, and an outer layer of tough UV stabilized polyethylene wrap which is heat shrunk to the bitumen under-layer. The product covers the ground contact area to protect wood post applications from rot/decay while the patented uplift restraint notches provide uplift resistance. The Green PostTM also provides an option where the post is supplied wrapped on both ends and sawed in half for two posts. This is good for shorter post applications like decks and mailbox posts. This product is also good for applications where chemical migration from the post is a concern.

Advanced Post Solutions now also offers the Postsaver® Sleeve and PolesaverTM Sleeve. There are many cost sensitive applications within the fence, vineyard, agricultural, signs, decks and mailbox post markets where the use of the Postsaver® Sleeve may be the best choice while the PolesaverTM Sleeve is unmatched for protecting utility poles and light poles from decay at the ground line zone where deterioration occurs. Tests show that the Postsaver® Sleeve and PolesaverTM Sleeve offer many years of additional service life and that's why they're backed by guarantees.

If you are currently in the midst of a project using in-ground wooden posts or you're a contractor wanting to establish a value-added offering for your customers, please contact us for assistance to define the best solution for protecting your in-ground post applications. Visit our Solutions page for in depth details.

We look forward to working with you to provide post solutions that are the best fit for your needs!